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Client Comments

Erin is confident, detail-oriented, organized, and passionate. She puts everything she is in to event and program planning. She has an uncanny ability to envision the desired end-result and lead many to accomplish that vision. I have seen her exercise flexibility and adaptability without blinking an eye. She has taken on many challenges with great success. She never folds under pressure. In fact, I have seen her turn pressure in to phenomenal results for the customer.

Not only can Erin produce amazing results. She is fun to work with. Her drive and passion are contagious. Everyone enjoys working with Erin Gerster!

Jeff Hawthorne , Sr. Manager at Compassion International

Erin is a solid and competent individual in the world of event and program planning. She is able to envision the end result, and methodically plans her way there…giving attention to every detail throughout. She is flexible to adapt, and is always willing to press through challenges to get the job done. Through all of this, she works with one of the most joyful spirits I have ever experienced. She almost never lets tough situations shake her resolve in doing great work in tandem with those around her. She cares for relationship as much as she cares for the work.

Erin’s ability to work with people effectively, applying her strengths to just about anything she does, makes her incredibly versatile and competent overall. She is a pleasure to work with, and working towards excellence is her pleasure.

Jason Mezey, Marketing & Business Leader


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